Classes and Workshops

Collaboratively created to cover any topic!

CLIMB’s classes and workshops are the most customizable program that CLIMB offers.  These 40-60 minute, interactive, arts-integrated programs strengthen and exercise one or more of the skills of Empathy, Manners, Perseverance, Ownership, Well-Being, Equity, & Regulation (EMPOWER). 

CLIMB’s classes create safe, age-appropriate spaces for students explore a wealth of common kid-issues. Every topic CLIMB addresses is well researched and learning outcomes are created to give students actionable steps, helping them reach each lesson’s goals. Through games, discussion, and role-play, students learn about the topic, while also gaining proficiency in at least one of our core EMPOWER skills. Rather than simply teach anti-bullying lessons, for example, our classes might also teach empathy skills to help students understand the impact of their words and actions. In the end, students feel empowered to take action to benefit themselves and their community.

  • We discuss and define your educational needs and the particular skills that you want to address.
  • We work with you and the leaders of your classroom to craft an arts integrated experience that aligns with your specific curricular ideals and classroom culture.
  • Through the collaborative spirit, we provide a playful and engaging experience that reinforces important life and academic skills!