At CLIMB, our mission to inspire and propel people toward actions that benefit themselves, each other, and their community through plays, classes, and other collaborative works.

At CLIMB, our mission is to inspire and propel young people towards acts that benefit themselves, each other and their community

Social Emotional Growth Through the Five A.R.E.A.S.

 We firmly believe that a thriving community is made up of individuals who are strong in the following skills – Accountability, Resiliency, Empathy, Advocacy, and Self-Regulation.


At CLIMB, we believe that the best way to alleviate problems within a community is by providing individuals opportunities to practice, strengthen and hone the skills necessary to address those problems.


We understand that every situation is unique and requires a custom approach.  Our collaborative process is designed to put you at the center of the planning process so that the plays and classes serve your objectives.