Youth Centered

When it comes to young people, EVERYBODY is key stakeholder.

Intentionally Intersectional

Identifying and leveraging the diverse perspectives of communities is fundamental in combating unconscious bias.

Arts Integrated SEL

When a community creates together, the social skills of all get stronger.

Social Emotional Growth Through the A.R.E.A.S.

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We firmly believe that a thriving community is made up of individuals who are strong in the following skills:

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A Person First Approach to Community Growth

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Every human being possesses five tools of expression.  When the A.R.E.A.S. are applied to them, we can maximize how effective we are at navigating the world around us.

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What we use to produce, or amplify what we want to express.

The tool we use to fill in the blanks and gaps that manifest themselves through exploration.

Every concrete element of the human self (eyes, ears, heart, fingers,etc.)

The use of 1 or more of our senses to understanding of our surroundings.

That inner drive to build capacity or to strive for self improvement.

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CLIMB Theatre creates and delivers arts integrated residencies and experiences that exercise and strenghthen social emotional skills in any community…

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