Meet Our Team

Get to know our amazing team at CLIMB!

Executive Leadership – Theatre

Afton Benson, Managing Director
Michael Brown, Director of Partnerships
Caitlin Featherstone, Director of Education

Executive Leadership – Gaming

Alisha Fauk, Senior Assistant Gambling Manager
Amber Schneider, Senior Assistant Gambling Manager

Office Staff

Marguerite Arbogast, Community Connections Coordinator
Sara Cronk, Community Connections Coordinator
Madeleine Kleckner, Community Connections Coordinator
Colleen Oxborough, Gaming Auditor
John Thew, Accountant

Resident Artists – Actor Educators

Alissa Bidwell, Resident Actor-Educator
Drew Cliffel, Resident Actor-Educator
Jorah Graham, Resident Actor-Educator
Bailey Mattner, Resident Actor-Educator
Mikiah Odum, Resident Actor-Educator
Raina Williams, Resident Actor-Educator

Resident Artists – Designers

Kalen Keir, Sound Designer
Katrina Zahradka, Resident Costume Designer