TCUTA Producer Information

The Twin Cities Unified Auditions is the only combined company auditions in the nation that provide every actor the opportunity to show their talent in two different audition formats:

  1. Monologue/Musical Theatre OR 2 contrasting monologues
    • Every actor will have 2 minutes to perform 2 contrasting monologues OR 1 song (we provide the accompanist) and a monologue.
  2. Ensemble Theatre General Auditions
    • In groups of 7-10, actors will be led through a general ensemble work audition. This, unlike any other audition of its kind, providing opportunities for those who excel in devised, improv, and movement-based work to shine.

As producers, you have the flexibility to be in one room, or both (if you bring more than one representative) and regardless of choice, you will see every actor auditioning at the TCUTAs.

2020 Audition Dates

Friday, February 21 | Youth Auditions
Saturday, February 22 | 10 am – 5pm
Sunday, February 23 | 9 am – 5 pm

We provide you space and you use it to best fit your call back needs. Be it ensemble work, informational sessions, reading sides, etc.  You get a space to learn more about the actors auditioning in whatever way best serves your company.

Immediately following the general auditions, theatres may also call actors back for the dance callback. During this time, a choreographer will teach actors a short routine for the producing companies who have called dancers back.