Plays and Rallies

Two SEL assembly styles designed for different audiences sizes and needs.

Through our SEL assemblies, CLIMB teaches social-emotional learning skills in a fun and engaging way. Our interactive performances are designed to exercise and strengthen one or more of our EMPOWER skills (Empathy, Manners, Perseverance, Ownership, Well-Being, Equity, & Regulation). 


CLIMB’s theatrical plays engage students with relatable characters, dynamic sets, and attention-grabbing costumes. Each performance will EMPOWER audiences through developmentally appropriate stories addressing topics such as bullying, mental health, and more! 

Friendship Day, by Buffy Sedlachek

Friendship Day

For Lower Elementary
Written by Buffy Sedlachek & Directed by Vanessa Brooke Agnes

Popular hedgehog Brooks and shy tortoise Ed come into conflict over their different experiences with the social world of their school. While Brooks received many friendship day treats from their classmates compared to Ed, both students feel like they struggle to connect with their peers. Luckily, new student Tory is a confident fox with some fun mnemonic tools at the ready to help Ed, Brooks, and the audience learn how to use empathy and good manners to make new friends.

Empathy and Manners

The Pop Super Star Galaxy Finals, written by Heather Meyer.

Pop Stars: The Pop Super Star Galaxy Finals

For Upper Elementary
Written by Heather Meyer & Directed by Adán Varela

Friends Maria Eva, Ollie, and Winnie are ready to take the universe by storm with their pop band MEOW, but there’s trouble in the cosmos when the trio have trouble speaking up and resolving conflict. Can they stay true to themselves and keep their friendship shining bright? Students will learn about handling responsibility, and taking care of themselves and each other. 

Empathy and Well-Being  

Relative Location, Written by Meredith Yanchak

Relative Location

For Secondary
Written by Meredith Yanchak & Directed by Jake Sung-Guk Sullivan

Alex, Cam, and Morgan are overwhelmed with impending deadlines for the school magazine, tests that affect activity eligibility, and problems at home. Alex’s anxiety means he get accommodations for tests that the others don’t qualify for. When Cam fails the test and is off the school paper, the three friends find themselves forced to have discussions around equity, empathy, and putting wellbeing first (for themselves and for each other).

Empathy, Equity and Well-Being

Library Play:

Country Mouse & City Mouse: Adventures in the Suburbs

Country Mouse & City Mouse: Adventure in the Suburbs

For Libraries and Youth Groups (Summer 2024)
Written and Directed by Caitlin Featherstone

Since the mouse cousins had such a “gouda” time when they last met, they decided to take their next adventure to more neutral grounds: The Suburbs. Country Mouse wants to explore the new area while City Mouse wants to read, renew, and repeat for a relaxing vacation. Will conflict tear apart their relationship, or will they learn to compro-mice and celebrate their differences? In this play, kids will learn to use their empathy skills and to advocate for their own needs. 

Empathy and Advocacy 


CLIMB Rallies combine the theatricality of a play with the interactive style of a class. Separate rallies are available for each EMPOWER skill for primary, intermediate, and secondary grade levels. Plus, we have rallies for each grade range that teach students how to handle bullying or harassment situations. This assembly-style program is perfect for smaller schools or for reaching individual grades.

Playground Problems: Bullying Prevention for Lower Elementary

Playground Problems

For Lower Elementary

Educational Objectives:

  • To define bullying behavior through demonstration
  • To explain the difference between reporting and tattling
  • To explore strategies people can use to self-advocate when targeted by bullying
  • To create understanding and empathy for the person who is bullied
  • To inspire the people who see bullying to take action and to demonstrate actions they can take, as well as strategies to avoid participating in bullying


For Upper Elementary

Educational Objectives:

  • To explain the difference between bullying behavior and other instances of meanness or conflict
  • To define cyberbullying and explore strategies to advocate for yourself and others in online spaces
  • To teach students how to manage a bullying situation using techniques including self-regulation, disengagement, and standing up for yourself effectively
  • To define the role of the bystander, and explore reasons why bystanders may choose not to take action
  • To imbue students with the knowledge that they are able to work out some interpersonal problems on their own
Social Scene: Harassment Prevention, Middle School

Social Scene

For Middle School

Educational Objectives:

  • Define bullying vs harassment, cyber-bulling, and power
  • To identify various forms of harassment (includes verbal, physical, and cyber harassment)
  • To help students understand that harassment doesn’t have to be tolerated, even if it is positioned as “just a joke”
  • Investigate and demonstrate strategies to advocate for self and others when they are harassed and take action
  • Explore the impacts of harassment on the person harassed, bystanders, the school community, and even the person who is harassing
EMPOWER Rallies for All Grade Levels. Empathy, Manners, Perseverance, Ownership, Well-being, Equity, and Regulation.

…And More!

This program is customizable for your school and students! Get in touch with our team to create your very own rally. You can select which of our E.M.P.O.W.E.R skills you’d like to focus on, and our actors will guide activities, games, and scenarios based on those skills. This allows students to see problems and solutions in action! Rallies have a maximum of 150 elementary students or 250 middle/high school students per assembly, and last 40 minutes.