Unicorn’s Choice

Advocacy, Bullying Prevention

Madison, Taylor and London are three Unicorns in the herd…

They go to Star Creek School in the Fantastic Forest. Taylor is having trouble with some of their studies, such as making rainbows appear in the sky, and sprouting spring flowers with one’s horn. Other unicorns are teasing and bullying Taylor for being behind. Madison, Taylor and London learn to choose: what to do if you’re being bullied, what to do if you feel like being mean,  to stand up for oneself and for others, and to be safe.

Learning Objectives

  • To define the concept of bullying
  • To define the concept of self advocacy
  • To show the impact of bullying behavior on individuals and the community
  • To explore strategies people can use to self advocate when targeted by bullying
  • To explore strategies to use to avoid participating in bullying
  • To demonstrate how choices you make can affect the community in both positive and negative ways