Bullying Prevention \ Advocacy \ Accountability

The CDC reports that one in four students report being bullied.

Further, 30% report taking part in bullying others, and 70% of students have seen bullying happen in their school. This is not an alarming trend; rather it is an alarming truth. Every day bullying and harassment affect the day to day lives of student in schools across the United States–whether they are targeted by the bullying, witnessing it, or even taking part in bullying behavior. Regardless of the role a student plays, the effects of bullying can follow a student throughout their lives.

In this 45-minute, interactive and customizable presentation, students will explore the lives of the students at Richland Oak Secondary School in order to begin a conversation about bullying. Students will be able to interact directly with characters and rewind scenarios to try out strategies to better handle bullying situations. At the end of this presentation, students will be empowered to advocate for themselves and others and understand the impact of the their words and actions on their school community.

Learning Objectives

  • Define power, bullying, cyber-bulling and harassment.
  • Identify the students’ community and their responsibilities within that community.
  • Examine what bullying is and what it is not.
  • Explore the impacts of bullying on the person bullied, bystanders, the school community, and even the person who bullies.
  • Investigate and demonstrate strategies to advocate for others when they are bullied.
  • Brainstorm strategies to positively manage the social and emotional effects of bullying.