The Show Must Go On


You know that saying that art reflects life?

Well, what if your art is drama? Logic holds that life will be full of drama.  Three actors for a well-respected touring educational theatre company realize shortly after they enter the stage that they brought the wrong show to the wrong school.  They wear eccentric k-2 appropriate dragon costumes before an audience of older students. The brave actors’ biggest fears, worries, and anxieties come to the surface in this disastrous moment. However, they must master their resiliency skills because The Show Must Go On!  But will it? Can the supportive (or not so supportive) audience and staff back at the headquarters help them stay resilient? Can they help each other in this situation? Or will the performance go down as the worst show in this theatre’s history?

Learning Objectives

  • To Define Self-talk
  • To Demonstrate that the quality of self-talk determines whether we persevere or not.
  • To model positive self-talk, demonstrating that fixed mindset can become growth mindset.
  • To demonstrate that problems can make us stronger (resilient) as we learn to deal with them.
  • To model how overcoming a problem helps gain positive coping skills.
  • To show how normalizing mistakes decreases the power they have to stop us.