The Science of Empathy

Empathy \ Accountability

Hy Status, from the MN Chapter of STATUS (Substitute Teachers Are Totally Under Stress), has called for an assembly at YOUR Elementary School

At the assembly, they’ll introduce Phyllis Physics, the new substitute science teacher, to the teachers and student body. With the help of the students, is Hy able to create an empathetic community for Phyllis? Or will things spiral out of control? It’s up to the students at YOUR school to ensure that we all are able to put ourselves into somebody else’s shoes.

Learning Objectives

  • Define empathy.
  • Brainstorm times when empathy is and isn’t shown.
  • Explore what might get in the way of imagining how someone else might feel.
  • Explore the consequences of not thinking about others’ emotions kindly.
  • Model showing empathy both for people in authority, as well as those who have less power.
  • Remind folks that empathy skills can grow over time.