The Color of Memory


Ella is an eager and excitable 8-year old.

Sometimes her vivid emotions cloud her ability to act with sound judgment. A mysterious and wise interpreter broadcasts visions of Ella’s future in which she bullies other students. After looking through this window, Ella considers how our present actions become our “future memories.” This play introduces several cognitive skills for students to stop, focus, and think in order to treat others with respect and make the most of their future memories.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn some basic sign language and basics of “deaf culture”
  • Define Self Control, empathy
  • Understand that anyone can engage in bullying behavior
  • Learn how to Stop when experiencing strong emotions
  • Practice Taking a Picture to better understand the situation
  • Practice Focusing on body language to understand and imagine how others might be feeling
  • Practice thinking about the negative and positive impact of their actions
  • Be propelled to make positive choices in how they treat others
  • Empowered to take ownership of their learning and growth