The Bossy Wallflower


Why is Orville the leader and Venus FlyTrap bossy?

Orville the Oak is a leader.  He rules the playground and keeps everything in check, he stands firm with his beliefs and will not waiver from them. The teachers love him.  Venus FlyTrap tries to do the same but is constantly being called bossy and she doesn’t understand the difference.  Bonnie Bonzai is caught in the middle.  How can they all learn to advocate for their right and use their voice respectfully to their plant peers in the arboretum?

Learning Objectives

  • Self-Advocacy will be defined
  • Students will understand that values, viewpoints, and perspectives vary by the individual
  • Students will learn the effects of choosing to act or not act on their beliefs or values
  • Students will explore steps and strategies that they can take to advocate for themselves
  • Students will understand that it’s not just about what you communicate, it’s about how you communicate