The Bossy Wallflower


Why is Larry the leader and Lily Bossy?

Larry is the leader of the zoo school.  He rules the playground during recess and keeps all of the other creatures in check.  The teachers and zoo keepers praise him for his leadership skills.  Lily, on the other hand, tries to do the same but is constantly being called bossy.  She doesn’t understand the difference and feels she is being judged unfairly, but doesn’t know how to express this.  With the help of an audience of zoo friends, Lily find allies in her mission towards positive self advocacy.

Learning Objectives

  • Self-Advocacy will be defined.
  • Students will understand that values, viewpoints, and perspectives vary by the individual.
  • Students will learn the effects of choosing to act or not act on their beliefs or values.
  • Students will explore steps and strategies that they can take to advocate for themselves.
  • Students will understand that it’s not just about what you communicate, it’s about how you communicate.