The Balancing Act

Financial Literacy / Resiliency / Accountability

The star athlete, the academic all-star, and the common, every day, student are have gotten their first job at a local food establishment.

For all of them, this is their first time receiving income outside of allowance. This newfound financial freedom, however, is accompanied by an increase in social stressors, increased responsibility, and less time to accomplish everything that they want to accomplish.

In this interactive play, the three students, with the input of the audience, will work to navigate the constraints that accompany financial freedom.

Learning Objectives

  • Define accountability, capital and value
  • Identify the differences between wants and needs
  • Learn about interest, credit and loans
  • Show the impact of money—and lack of money—on a person’s social and emotional lives
  • Explore common situations and triggers that may lead students to make poor financial choices
  • Develop students’ financial accountability by teaching them smart money habits including budgeting and practicing self-control
  • Encourage students’ resiliency when faced with stress caused by big and small money matters