Talula Rabbit’s New Habit


Talula the bunny is having hard time following directions, playing by the rules of games, and making friends.

An unpredictable, non-self-regulated bunny in the classroom, or on the playground, or just about anywhere, can be a hazard. Her lack of self-control is also scary to some of the other kids at School of the Woods. With the help of her parent (Pete or Petra Rabbit), her classmates Cortez and Izzy Bunny, and Oriana Ostrich (a lovely stage puppet made by Folkmanis)—and with the aid of the audience—Talula learns how to self-regulate. In the end, Talula’s newly expressed self- control brings positive results, including better friendships.

Learning Objectives

  • Self-control will be defined.
  • Self-control will be shown to change relationships, building positive consequences.
  • The mnemonic STAR (Sop, Think, Aah-out, then React) will be modeled as aid to practicing self-control.
  • Models for creating healthy, regulated bonds will be practiced.