Dash works at a special factory where his job is to paint the spots on dogs.

His friend Myrna paints the stripes on zebras. Dash loves his job, but it starts to get monotonous, as he paints the same thing day in and day out. He dreams of painting other shapes. When Dash and Myrna decide to switch jobs with each other, they quickly discover that they may have bitten off more than they can chew. This humorous play teaches how we can experience success, positivity, and personal growth when we hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

Learning Objectives

  • Define accountability
  • Build foundational science knowledge about animals, their patterns, and the way they evolve
  • Model accountability for students and engage them in the acts of accountability during the show
  • Demonstrate the ways personal actions can affect other people in negative ways and accountability through taking responsibility for mistakes made
  • Understand that when we advocate for our needs that we are being accountable for ourselves
  • Empower students to talk with teachers and parents and advocate for themselves when they are unchallenged or unhappy with their responsibilities