Rude Rudy Roo

Accountability/Bullying Prevention

Many think Rudy Roo is a rude and disrespectful little kangaroo, But his friend Teo Tiger doesn’t seem to notice. It takes the new kid, Kenesha Koala, and the students in the audience, for Teo to see that it is not okay for Rudy to gossip, say mean things, exclude others, or damage their things. When Teo learns to respectfully refuse to accept Rudy’s disrespectful ways, Rudy learns to do things differently and very much likes the results!

Learning Objectives

  • To demonstrate and label uncivil/disrespectful behaviors; including disrespect for persons, property and the environment
  • To help students recognize uncivil or disrespectful behavior in their own and others’ conduct (including invasive, offensive body language, inadvertent put-downs, disrespectful tone-of-voice, not reducing re-using or recycling, etc.);
  • To demonstrate and label civil/respectful behavior for persons, property and the environment
  • To inspire students by showing that such behaviors further respectful, caring, cooperative schools that are pleasant, fun, safe places to be;
  • To inspire students and teachers to formulate classroom or even school-wide rules of civility and to model a method for doing so (Examples of such rules could be: apologizing when appropriate; including others in activities; not gossiping; listening when others are talking; not talking with your mouth full, picking up trash and putting it into the proper receptacle, etc.).