Out of My Mind


Makenzie is at her first sleep-away camp.  She’s a little nervous, but has heard great things from her mom about the friendships and memories that she will make. When she meets her roommate Triana, she can tell that Triana is less than pleased at her arrival. Triana has attended this camp for years and usually bunks with her best friend Sali. However, due to a cabin mix-up, Triana has been bunked with Makenzie. This mix up has Triana pretty upset and she is determined to have things the way she likes them, even if that means putting Makenzie’s thoughts and feelings to the side. Makenzie must learn to advocate for her wants and needs inside of the cabin, and she does so with a little help from Glenda the Good Voice and Whitney the Wicked Whisper, the voices inside of her head.

Learning Objectives

  • To define Advocacy and Self-Advocacy 
  • To learn fromstudentssituations where they believe they should speak out 
  • To explore what pressures would cause someone to not speak out
  • To demonstrate theaffectsof choosing to shutdown vs. speaking out 
  • To explore/teach ” Bug and A Wish”