Imagine a Community…

Where every individual, regardless of age, is consistently ensuring that the social and emotional wellbeing of those younger than themselves are the top priority.

Through this, a multigenerational self-sustaining cycle of community health is achieved.

We know this is achieved when…

  • Every individual is accountable for their actions and inactions.  Through this, communities boldly honor and acknowledge their successes and failures.
  • Every individuals is resilient enough to acknowledge that change is a part of learning and that we learn from our mistakes.  Through this, communities can effectively adapt to the challenges and change collaboratively.
  • Through an increased and shared wealth of empathy, communities are more welcoming and accepting of divergent perspectives.
  • Every individual is an inquisitive advocate. Through this communities address the needs, wants and beliefs of all with curiosity.
  • Every individual is exercises self-regulation to ensure that when they intersect or interact with other in their community, they avoid invading the literal and figurative spaces that they share.
  • Learning how to be a mentor begins in early childhood.
  • Mental Health care is preventative more often than curative.
  • Inquiry drives and illuminates innovation.