Obie Tucker Takes Control


How do pirates teach self control??

In the year 1704 Captain Molly Sharpe’s pirate ship sank and was never seen again. Three hundred years later, while on a field trip to the New Metropolitan Maritime Museum, sixth-grader Obie Tucker discovers that she/he and Sharpe lack the same virtue: self-control. Just when Obie is about to be sent home from the only field trip she’s ever been interested in, an eccentric museum curator presents Obie with a gift from Molly Sharpe herself.

Learning Objectives

  • To provide strategies students can use in situations when self-control is needed
  • To model behavior that demonstrates self-control
  • To show positive consequences of practicing self-control and negative consequences of not using self-control
  •  To provide strategies students can use to recognize and learn from their mistakes after a lapse in self-control
  • To show the difference between instant and delayed gratification in language that is useful to the students