Under Pressure

Self-Control \ Resiliency

Everybody knows who the Good Guys and Bad Guys are at Superhero School.

The Good Guys wear capes. They solve crimes and make ice cream tacos for everybody when it’s hot outside. The Bad Guys … Well, they get sent home, or to the Commissioner’s office or The Cooler, where you drink a Gladderall Smoothie that makes you kale down and power down until you’re ready to behave.

At this school, Volcano’s “superpower” is literally exploding with fire, shooting molten lava. That’s nothing like Frosty who is always calm and collected. Volcano is the bad guy, right? Frosty is the good guy, right? Or is it really just a question of self-control?

Learning Objectives

  • Define self-control.
  • Identify common emotions and triggers that cause students to lose their self- control more easily.
  • Explore common situations where students may lose their self-control.
  • Explore the consequences of losing your self-control on both the individual and the community.
  • Demonstrate the self- control steps to help students keep their self- control.
  • Brainstorm positive ways to channel strong emotions or desires.
  • Encourage students to talk about their strong emotions instead of acting on them.
  • Empower student’s to talk with teachers and families about ways to help them stay in control when it is hard to focus.