Light Switch

Consent / Healthy Relationships / Advocacy / Accountability

Best friends Jill and Taylor have made it a tradition since forever-ago to walk to fifth period together, when Taylor, suddenly begins showing up late.

Jill learns that Taylor has began seeing a classmate named Chris. Suddenly all of his/her time is being taken up by Chris. Taylor begins failing classes, lying to his/her family, and ditching Jill. Jill notices an extreme shift in her best friend’s behavior and tries to reach out to him/her. Taylor pushes her away even more. With the help of her boyfriend, her teacher and others, Jill tries to save her friendship, but most importantly her best friend’s happiness.

Using elements of movement and dance, along with live music, Light Switch is a relevant and sincere theatre/learning experience that explores toxic friendships and relationships, how to walk away from harmful situations, and how to adhere to ourselves and others so we can all be the best possible versions of ourselves.

Learning Objectives

  • Define power, consent, healthy relationships.
  • Explore and dismantle negative/unhealthy relationship stereotypes and expectations.
  • Empower people to advocate for themselves when they are in uncomfortable/unhealthy situations.
  • Demonstrate how to (in healthy ways) remove themselves from unhealthy relationships even when they want to stay- to know when to walk away.
  • Help understand the difference between a need and a want.
  • Demonstrate empathetic acceptance of other people’s boundaries.