Keeping Tabs

Accountability/Cyber-Bullying Prevention

Riley is loves Dungeons and Dragons, comic books and all things pop culture…She loves sharing her passions with CJ, the “popular” kid she carpools to school with in the morning. CJ is a master of the facade, convincing Riley that he is truly fascinated by her hobbies. Riley gushes about her characters, and adventures to CJ on their drives. Little does Riley know, CJ has created a fake Instagram account about Riley and posts videos and photos of her for the whole class to see in order to make fun.  Sawyer, a fellow classmate, sees that what CJ is doing is not right and decides to keep TABS on this cyber bullying.

Learning Objectives

  • Define cyberbullying, advocacy, accountability
  • Identify the qualities of cyberbullying and how to notice it
  • Examine what cyber bullying is and what it is not
  • Explore the impacts that cyberbullying has on the person bullied, and community-
  • Investigate strategies to combating cyber bullying, and advocating for others and yourself
  • Encourage students to use their power to advocate for others