Judgement Play

Advocacy/Environmental Responsibility

Can you believe it is already time for the ENVIRONMENTAL SEMI-ANNUAL PRO-ACTIVE SAVE-THE-WHOLE-DANG-WORLD COMPETITION? Neither can Tryson, a young 5th grader with no experience who has been sent on accident to compete against two of the best: Gerdi and Cilantro. They accuse Tryson of being bad at waste management. Tryson gets thrown into environmentalism court! When it is revealed Tryson’s parents don’t recycle and in fact burn their garbage, therefore making Tryson an accomplice, Tryson gets thrown even deeper into the justice system: Sue-Preme court. Given the ultimatum of fixing the habits of poor environmentalism or face judgement forever, Tryson is too afraid to even try to manage waste properly (and Tryson’s parents are no help, either!) Eventually, Tryson gets help from the audience to learn that you don’t have to be perfect, that participation is the first step, and that one small action can make a difference in the world around us. Sometimes we have to face our own self-judgement and find the courage to take the first step. 

Learning Objectives

  • To explore ways to reduce our daily usage of non-compostable single use items and non-recyclables 
  • To brainstorm creative and easy ways to reuse items
  • To discover the benefits of composting, the 3 R’s, and other simple conservation methods
  • To empower students to encourage the adults in their lives about the importance and benefits of waste reduction, recycling, reusing, and composting