If Money Grew on Trees

Financial Literacy / Self-Control / Accountability

Legend has it that a young boy stole a goose that laid a golden egg from a giant. Nobody has ever spoken of that one egg that hatched.

The goose that hatched has the ability to grant wishes but the wishes come with a cost. When Afton, a pragmatic child, meets this goose, she wishes that every tree she touched grew money. As her riches increase, and word spreads to her community about her wealth, her need to budget and control her spending does as well. With the assistance of the audience, she learns the importance of responsible money management and personal accountability in this loose adaptation of “Midas and the Golden Touch.”

Learning Objectives

  • Define the value of money and self-control.
  • Learn the difference between a want and a need.
  • Discover that money is finite—once it is spent it is no longer available for other things.
  • Demonstrate smart and ethical ways to spend our money by using our self-control.
  • Discover safe ways kids can earn money.
  • Develop students’ financial accountability by teaching them basic budgeting habits and ways to keep their money safe.