Hazard House Mystery


Ari is struggling with taking responsibility for things…

This includes a number of everyday tasks, like picking up after oneself, properly sorting trash, making the bed, and paying attention to what’s hazardous and not hazardous in the waste at home. Time after time, Ari has come into conflict with others about this, “I don’t care” attitude regarding important things. While asleep, Ari is visited and pulled into a mystery dream by some creatures who have a stake in the waste stream outcome. Among these visitors are, Sunny Seagull, Troutmaster Trout, Beaverton Beaver, and Darah, the Dolphin Detective. Ari is informed that he and many members of his community live in what must be called a Hazard House! They need Ari’s help to find the hazards in the house and dispose of them properly and to ensure that the three R’s of waste management are being upheld. Will Ari turn over a new leaf? One can only hope.

Learning Objectives

  • To demonstrate how reducing the overall waste stream, including hazardous household waste is a vital tool in waste management
  • To show how to identify the 4 types of hazardous household waste, and focus on safe disposal
  • To reinforce the waste management concept of the three “R”s: reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • To show how choices about Reduce and Re-use in waste management can affect a community and the environment..
  • To demonstrate that one person’s actions do make a difference, either in a negative or positive way