Flora and Fauna Stream


Fauna and her sister Flora are two young stewards of The Stream.

The environmentally conscious duo takes great care to ensure that plastic, glass, and metals get sorted. Disaster strikes when the Stream begins to overflow. They begin to panic, as the sheer volume almost destroys their home and garden! With the hopes of restoring order to their beloved ecology and saving their home from overuse, Fauna and Flora embark on a journey to the source of the Stream. Who is responsible for all the waste? How will Flora and Fauna save their home? Join Flora, Fauna, and their friend Offal on this journey to the heart of the Waste Stream.

Learning Objectives

  • Define waste stream
  • Reinforce the principles of waste reduction, reuse, and recycle
  • Learn what can be recycled and what cannot
  • Understand the impact overuse and over consumption have on the waste stream and the environment
  • Explore ways to reduce our daily usage of non-compostable single use items and non-recyclables
  • Discover the benefits of composting, the 3 R’s, and other creative and easy ways to reuse items
  • Empower students to encourage the adults in their lives about the importance and benefits of waste reduction, recycling, reusing, and composting