Environmental Responsibility \ Food Waste Prevention \ Self Control \ Accountability

The world in which Dax, a 28th century child, lives is quite different.

Earth’s food resources are very limited. Instead, all nutrition is provided through a mechanical device that is administered every 10-20 minutes. As a punishment for one of his famous pranks, Dax is forced to do a history project. He goes all Bill and Ted and makes a time machine. Upon transport back to the 21st century, he is introduced to the concept and joys of food—there are buffets, picnics, and something called a chocolate fondue fountain. There also is a lot of waste!

Dax begins to recognize that wasteful food practices are the reason food is so scarce in his time. Desperate to change the future by affecting the present, Dax and the youth of the 21st century learn the small acts that can be done to have a big effect on the people of the 28th century.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the waste stream and waste reduction.
  • Learn how food waste and poor food choices (not eating/saving left overs, not eating “ugly food”, letting fresh food go to waste) negatively impact the environment and the community.
  • Show how people waste food without even thinking about it.
  • Brainstorm strategies to reduce waste associated with food.
  • Encourage students to use self-control by “Only taking what they need.”
  • Demonstrate how being more accountable for your food choices can positively affect the environment and the community.