Dee has recently come out to his entire school as transgender.

After his former friend Jenny harasses him about his trans identity on social media, Dee uses an undercover pseudonym to post embarrassing secrets about her. The revealing post quickly circulates among the student body. Soon, Dee and Jenny realize they have said more than they can take back. In this interactive performance, students will be prompted to think about the unintended consequences of cyberbullying and the ways that social media can strain relationships.

Learning Objectives

  • Define bullying and harassment
  • Explore concepts of identity including trans identity
  • Discover how what we say online can quickly snowball into something out of control both online and in real life
  • Explore the impact and consequences for engaging in cyberbullying
  • Demonstrate that retaliating is not a positive or productive strategy for responding to bullying and cyberbullying
  • Empower students to take accountability for their actions and self-advocate for their needs and safety