Tyree and Imani are fraternal twins.  One of them is a fixed mindset kinda kid and the other is a growth mindset kinda kid. When Imani encounters challenges, she continues to work on it and work on it. Tyree sees himself as failing when he encounters challenges. Currently not even a good dose of sibling rivalry can inspire Tyree to work forward on a challenge. His self-talk is quite negative and he sees failure as his reality. Benny is their friend and blessed with a spectacular PMA (positive mental attitude.) The twin, and Benny lack the skills to help Tyree, although they care for him and wish they knew how to help him with resilience. Enter FORSOOTH, a formerly self-limiting Warrior Dragon who has developed tools to help himself and to help Tyree achieve a resilient growth mindset.

Learning Objectives

  • To Define Self-talk
  • To Demonstrate that the quality of self-talk determines whether we persevere or not.
  • To model positive self-talk, demonstrating that fixed mindset can become growth mindset.
  • To demonstrate that problems can make us stronger (resilient) as we learn to deal with them.
  • To model how overcoming a problem helps gain positive coping skills.
  • To show how normalizing mistakes decreases the power they have to stop us.
  • Learn the Mnemonic, PST (pronounced psst) POSITIVE SELF TALK