The Joy of Resiliency with Rob Boss




  • Acrylic paint: Magenta, Yellow, Cyan (Bright Blue), or whatever paints are available at home! 
  • ½ inch or 1 inch wide paint brush  
  • Fine detailing paintbrush 1/8-¼ inch wide, or the smallest size on hand 
  • Plate or paint palette  
  • Cup of water for washing the brushes 
  • Paper towel or painting rag for drying brushes 
  • Heavy multimedia paper, canvas, or plain paper 8 ½x11, or whatever is available 
  • Permanent marker (optional, for signing finished artwork) 

Ready to learn more about color theory and how to be resilient? Get your painting clothes on and ready your brushes for a deeper look into color schemes and a follow along painting project with Rob Boss!  


  • Review what Color Theory and Resiliency mean.
  • Learn new terms for describing colors and color schemes/palettes
  • Practice the Resiliency Steps (I got this, I can do this, Keep going, I’m okay!)
  • Choose and apply a learned color palette while building on from last lesson, and create a “Resiliency Poster”

Follow-up Activities