Advocacy, Accountability, Bullying-Prevention

Every year in Pamplona, Spain the Running of the Bulls happens…

Thousands of Bulls run through the streets towards the Arena where they will meet their death at the hands of a heroic Bullfighter. Alberto, a brave bull, has snuck away and is hiding in a park nearby. As he hides in a park while all of the other bulls are participating in the running of the Bulls, youngest sibling of the most famous matador in Spain stumbles across him. Together, with the help of the audience, they learn not only how to identify acts of bullying, but also how to stand up against acts of bullying as both the target and the bystander.

Learning Objectives

  • To define and illustrate acts of bullying
  • To illustrate the roles the perpetrator, target, and bystander play in bullying situations
  • To inspire the target to be resilient against acts of bullying
  • To inspire the bystander to take action
  • To create understanding and empathy for not only the target of bullying, but to all parties involved in acts of bullying (including the perpetrator and the bystander)