Red. Blue. Left. Right.

We live in a polarized world that is constantly in state of conflict and noise–shouts from pundits’ overlapping rants, the buzz of tension at family dinners, shouts of protest, and the din of war. How can we inspire our young adults to believe that their voice matters, when so many voices go unheard—lost in the clamor of everyone shouting and nobody listening?

Learning Objectives

  • Define advocacy as using your power to get things you or others need to survive and thrive and fight for things you believe are right
  • Inspire students to discover what is important to them—what they need, want, and value
  • Explore the consequences of when two or more person’s needs/wants/values conflict
  • Propel students toward collaborative problem solving to work through conflict to find the best solution for all
  • Demonstrate that student voices do have the power to change systems
  • Encourage students to use their power to create positive change for themselves and their community