All You Can Eat

Environmental Responsibility \ Self-Control \ Accountability

Chef Deelish is world renowned! Chef Deelish creates the greatest meals for all species big and small!

Chef Deelish has been given the challenge of creating the first ever worldwide-all-animal-all you can eat buffet—a buffet where there is enough food for every animal on the planet. The problem is that Francis the Squirrel takes more than needed while others like Jet, a sloth, can’t get enough to nourish themselves. Not only that, but Francis is making a mess of the whole buffet and making all of the food inedible. Will Chef Deelish succeed? It depends on the help of the audience of young sous chefs.

Learning Objectives

  • To define the concept of waste reduction
  • To learn how food waste and poor food choices (not eating/saving left overs, not eating “ugly food”, letting fresh food go to waste) negatively impact the environment and the community
  • To explore strategies and practices that kids can do to waste less food and help demystify “weird” foods like “ugly” food, leftovers, and off-brand foods
  • To encourage students to use self-control by “Only taking what they need”
  • To demonstrate how being more accountable for your food choices can positively affect the environment and the community