Summer Programming


Park & Recs. and Libraries LOVE Mini-Plays! We have our very first Mini-Play musical based of an Aseop fable. It is titled The Country Mouse and The City Mouse: The Mouse-ical. This interactive play combines the classic fable's characters with fun games, music, and interactive play. This play is not only entertaining it also educates them how to accept others differences.

Self-Control Interplay

In this 3rd - 6th grade self-control Interplays, students will learn how to model self-control and see how their behavior di­rectly impacts others. After watching students will find out how they can learn from their mistakes and use self-control strategies to stay calm and in control!


Summer classes have been great for safety camps, summer schools, and camps. We come directly to you and facilitate interactive classes with relatable characters, games, and discussions. Students love the chance to be active participants in the learning experience.