Twisted Ride (to Nowhere) (7-12)

With heroin and meth on the rise, this powerful play helps students understand what’s on the line when confronted with drugs.

Educational Objectives

1. To communicate the attractions of meth and heroin without making drug use seem desirable.
2. To realistically portray the kinds of experiences teenage meth and heroin addicts have in the progress of their addiction and recovery.
3. To show the danger of meth and heroin use through an honest portrayal of the effects of these deadly drugs.
4. To demonstrate that rehab isn’t a “cure,” but that relapse is common and the desire to use can follow an addict every day for the rest of their lives.
5. To help students assess their own tendency toward risk-taking.
6. To provide students with resources if they or someone they love is in danger of using drugs.

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“Students today seem to be more exposed to drugs through TV/movies, but they lack knowledge about how it can ruin your life. This presentation is so important.”John Garvey, junior high teacher

Logistical Info

Grades: 7-12
Length: 45 minutes for the play,
40 minutes for the breakout sessions
Max audience size: 500
Space: 10′ tall, 16′ wide, 20′ deep
Price: $1969/day (includes one performance and up to 20 classes), plus travel

The emergency room isn’t where star basketball player, Christopher, expected to be after the biggest game of his life, and he never expected to become engrossed in reading Kayla’s diary. But this play is all about the unexpected. As Kayla continues a downward spiral that destroys her relationships, health, and future, Christopher reveals some secrets of his own. Twisted Ride provides factual information about meth and heroin, and includes follow up classes after the show to drive home key learning objectives.

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“The performance took a tough, sometimes gritty, and difficult situation and handled it so gracefully and made it so real for these teens. Thank you for what you do.”Cory Miller, middle school teacher

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