The Yellow Troll’s Treasure (K-2)

Students learn what self-control is and how to develop it in this engaging and entertaining play for K-2.

Educational Objectives

1. To help students learn how their actions impact themselves, each other, and the environment.
2. To learn new vocabulary, including self-control, frustrated, wait, and stop and think.
3. To show scenes of losing and keeping self-control.
4. To introduce the notion of self-talk and demonstrate its use in keeping self-control.
5. To teach practices that help keep self-control.
6. To help students understand that self-control is a skill that takes practice.
7. To help children see that children who do not have self-control are not necessarily mean.

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“We’ve used the ideas in this play in class. It’s been very effective at helping students understand the concept of self-control.”Diana Wamboldt, Kindergarten teacher

Logistical Info

Grades: K-2
Length: 40 minutes
Max audience size: 350
Space: 10′ tall, 16′ wide, 20′ deep
Price: $660/perf, plus travel

When Jared’s mom tells him he needs to find “a little self-control,” Jared misunderstands and begins to search for a “little yellow troll.” He finds the curmudgeonly creature in his own backyard carrying a bag labeled “Jared’s Self-Control.” But the troll won’t give up his bag until Jared passes seven tests. As Jared passes each test, he learns what self-control is, and what he needs to know and do in order to practice it.

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“Educational, engaging, fun. What a great show and a great lesson! The play was very age appropriate and the energy was perfect.”Teacher survey, Ramsey, MN

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