Project: Earth (3-6)

Students learn about the problem of waste disposal and its impact on the environment in this engaging play for 3-6.

Educational Objectives

1. To explore how our choices impact the environment.
2. To teach about the Greenhouse Effect.
3. To demonstrate how composting organics is a vital tool in waste management.
4. To reinforce the 3 “R’s”: reduce, reuse, and recycle.
5. To show how choices about energy, resource, and waste management affect communities.
6. To demonstrate that one person’s actions can make a difference.
7. To teach that respect and care for the planet is everyone’s responsibility.

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“The set, costumes, and puppets were amazing and the kids really enjoyed it.”Lindsey McGraw, 2nd grade teacher

Logistical Info

Grades: 3-6
Length: 40 minutes
Max audience size: 350
Space: 10′ tall, 16′ wide, 20′ deep
Price: $660/perf, plus travel

Every year, Mr. Gau gives his 5th graders an assignment to build a model town. But when Ava and her brother Ethan create Tinytown, they discover it has a serious problem: a mountain of unsorted garbage! Ava and Ethan are unsure about how to clean it up properly, when they find themselves transported into the town–along with the audience! Together, Ava, Ethan, and the audience learn how to recycle, reduce, reuse, and compost.

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“We LOVED the birds! The students got the message loud and clear!”Paula Sammons, Kindergarten teacher

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