Henry Takes the Cake (3-6)

In this play students learn the perfect recipe to stand up to bullying.

Educational Objectives

1. To teach there is strength in numbers.
2. To model bullying prevention steps.
3. To help students understand the different elements of SEW and ACT steps.
4. To inspire students to be kind.
5. To empower students to believe they possess the ability to work out some interpersonal problems on their own.

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“What a wonderful way to address the difficult issue of bullying.”Paula Birch, speech pathologist

Logistical Info

Grades: 3-6
Length: 40 minutes
Max audience size: 350
Space: 10′ tall, 16′ wide, 20′ deep
Price: $660/perf, plus travel

H enry, loves to bake. Egbert loves to bully. With help from two chums from his old school, Henry and his new friend Kaylynn learn how to S.E.W and A.C.T. These simple steps teach children how to stand up for themselves and others.

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“I hope that Climb theatre will be able to continue visiting schools and making pertinent topics come alive through acting.”

Sue Okoneski, 4th grade teacher