CLIMB Theatre’s Plays

CLIMB Theatre’s award-winning plays teach students important skills and lessons in an engaging, effective way.

Plays are presented as large assemblies. We can see up to 350 elementary school students and 500 middle and high school students, per performance.

Performances are 40 minutes long. Sets are 10′ tall, 20′ wide, and 20′ deep. Performances start at is $650. Use the menu on the left to explore the plays we have available in ’18-’19!

“My students enjoyed the actors’ portrayal of characters and were engaged throughout the performance.”Katie Ruter, 3rd grade teacher

Using the power of live theatre, CLIMB’s plays will teach your students valuable character building skills, inspiring them to change their behavior and improve their communities.

With memorable characters, believable dialogue, and captivating sets, CLIMB’s plays help you create a more respectful school climate and achieve your character education goals.

“Performing arts are a strong way to teach. Kids respond better than if we covered the same topic another way.”Kelly Tasche, 8th grade teacher

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