Substance Abuse Prevention Classes (K-6)

Students learn about peer pressure, risky behavior, and how to say no if asked to do something they think is wrong.

K-2 Educational Objectives

1. To teach students how to say “no” if asked to do something they think is wrong.
2. To show an example of peer pressure.
3. To provide examples of “good ideas” vs. “bad ideas” and evaluate each.

3-6 Educational Objectives

1. To review the consequences of destructive decision making.
2. To brainstorm why kids might engage in activities they know have negative consequences.
3. To identify situations of peer pressure.
4. To role play the Refusal Skills Steps.

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“One of the most engaging presentations our school has had in years. Practical information presented in a way that made sense to the kids. Highly recommended.”Tim Pederson, 5th/6th grade teacher

Logistical Info

Grades: K-6
Length: 40 minutes
Max audience size: 35 per class
Max classes per day: 7
Price: $639/per day of classes, plus travel

In today’s society, younger and younger children are being exposed to drugs and alcohol–through the media, through acquaintances, even through family members they trust. CLIMB’s engaging, age-appropriate substance abuse prevention classes for grades K-2 and 3-6 will help students learn about the dangers of drugs, how to be more aware of their own attitudes toward risky behavior, and how to say no to dangerous or harmful activities.

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“Students seem to be more exposed and have heard about more types of drugs, but lack information about how it can ruin your life. This presentation is a vital link.”John Garvey, social studies teacher

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