Responsibility (K-6)

In these classes, students learn how to take responsibility for their own actions and avoid the blame game.

K-2 Educational Objectives

1. To define responsibility.
2. To show when responsibility is important.
3. To identify feelings that prevent responsibility.
4. To explore the consequences of a lack of responsibility.
5. To discuss how to make responsible choices.

3-6 Educational Objectives

1. To define responsibility.
2. To brainstorm responsibilities the students have.
3. To show consequences of a lack of responsibility.
4. To present strategies for taking responsibility.
5. To suggest ways students can develop responsible habits.

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“I couldn’t have scripted a better message for these eager beavers to hear. An extremely meaningful and timely addition to the curriculum!”Lexi Comings, 3rd grade teacher

Logistical Info

Grades: K-6
Length: 40 minutes
Max audience size: 35 per class
Max classes per day: 7
Price: $639/per day of classes, plus travel

Taking responsibility can be difficult for students of any age. These engaging classes from CLIMB Theatre, for grades K-2 and 3-6, help students learn how to define their own personal responsibilities and follow through with them. They’ll discover why playing the “blame game” can be so destructive, and learn strategies to help them prioritize, accept the consequences if the make a mistake, and get the outcomes they want by acting responsibly.

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“I was very impressed with both the scripts and the interaction with students and staff. The feedback forms were 100% positive from all staff at all levels!”Ken Mueller, guidance counselor

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