Respect Classes (K-6)

Students learn to respect themselves, each other, and property while creating a more positive school climate.

K-2 Educational Objectives

1. To define respect.
2. To demonstrate the negative consequences of not being respectful.
3. To show the importance of respecting property.
4. To teach ways to respond if you make a mistake.
5. To discuss how to show respect at school.

3-6 Educational Objectives

1. To define respect.
2. To show what disrespect looks like at school.
3. To demonstrate examples of disrespect for self.
4. To brainstorm ways in which respect and disrespect affect the classroom community.

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“The class kept the audience engaged, and while they were being entertained, they were absorbing a vital message about being respectful at school! Thank you!”Ann Uzendoski, math interventionist

Logistical Info

Grades: K-6
Length: 40 minutes
Max audience size: 35 per class
Max classes per day: 7
Price: $639/per day of classes, plus travel

Respect is at the center of many schools’ character education programs…but does it ever feel like a losing battle? From being kind to others to taking care of school property, CLIMB’s popular classes on respect for grades K-6 help students learn just why respect is so important. Students play games, watch scenes, role-play, and engage in discussions to discover how respect can make school better for everyone.

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“My third graders were engaged and were able to grasp the respect concept. I really enjoyed having it in a smaller setting in our classroom!”Jane Harris, 3rd grade teacher

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