Resiliency Classes (K-6)

Teach students how to bounce back after mistakes, setbacks, or unfulfilled expectations.

K-2 Educational Objectives

1. To define resiliency.
2. To show feelings that can arise from difficulty.
3. To brainstorm techniques students can use to bounce back from difficult situations.
4. To teach students to talk to a trusted adult when dealing with situations they can’t handle alone.

3-6 Educational Objectives

1. To define resiliency.
2. To show “bad” situations students might face.
3. To help students make positive choices when bad things happen.
4. To brainstorm ways of handling difficulty, including talking to an adult if they need help.

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“I had a student that I hoped this class would reach. After recess she came in and said, ‘I was outside feeling sad, but then I did some cartwheels and it made me feel better.’ I asked if she ‘bounced back’ and she smiled and said yes!”Trinette Langner, 2nd grade teacher

Logistical Info

Grades: K-6
Length: 40 minutes
Max audience size: 35 per class
Max classes per day: 7
Price: $639/per day of classes, plus travel

Disappointment happens to everyone. Learning to handle it well is a vital skill for students of every age. CLIMB offers two classes on resiliency–one for grades K-2 and one for grades 3-6. In an age-appropriate way, students will learn how handle difficult situations through role-playing, meaningful discussions, scenes, and storytelling. Help your students become more resilient, creating emotionally healthy kids and better learning outcomes in the classroom.

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“The students were truly engaged and loved every minute of it. CLIMB always does such a great job of putting things into a language that makes it easy for students to understand. We love it!”Jane Fischer, 2nd grade teacher

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