Handling Emotions Classes (Pre-K)

Teach students how to communicate their feelings in positive, healthy ways.

Educational Objectives

1. To identify and model what the emotions sad, angry, and happy look like.
2. To show situations when students might feel angry.
3. To practice taking a deep breath and counting to five when feeling sad or angry.
4. To teach students a song so they remember how to handle intense emotions.

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“Parents and my own experience tell me that what the children learn from CLIMB sticks with them for a long time and means a lot to each and every student.”Amy Horning, preschool teacher

Logistical Info

Grades: Pre-K
Length: 30 minutes
Max audience size: 20 per class
Max classes per day: 7
Price: $639/per day of classes, plus travel

Lack of emotional regulation can lead to lots of disruptions in the classroom. In this class, students meet Rory the Lion, a zoo animal who is extremely angry that he hasn’t gotten his lunch on time. When all he does is roar and roar, his zookeeper friend can’t understand him. The other zoo animals (played by the students) teach Rory to express emotions with words instead of simply screaming and crying.

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“I’ve gotten so much feedback from families and have seen the connections that the children make through this experience. Wow, how fortunate we’ve been!”Mary Bergland, Head Start teacher

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