CLIMB Theatre’s Classes

Bring one-on-one learning directly into your classroom with CLIMB Theatre’s engaging and effective classes.

Students love the chance to be active participants in the learning experience. AND they get the chance to practice their new skills through the magic of theatre and role-play!

Classes are 40 minutes long. We can visit up to 7 classrooms per day. Our programming starts at $650. Use the menu on the left to explore the classes we have available in ’18-’19!

“CLIMB reinforces what schools are teaching in a fun, exciting way that keeps students actively engaged.”Josh Nagel, school counselor

Did you know that you can use theatre in the classroom to teach all kinds of important skills? Theatre is a powerful way to engage students with their minds, emotions, and bodies.

Skilled Actor-Educators come into your classroom and facilitate interactive classes with relatable characters, games, and discussions.

“My students were hooked from the moment the program began. The actors were engaging and informative!”Larry Disher, 5th grade teacher

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