Explore the engaging programs CLIMB Theatre offers for high school students.

Resiliency Interplays

With the interaction of a class and the spectacle of a play, Interplays use interactive theatre to teach students the importance of being resilient.

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Substance Abuse Prevention Classes

CLIMB’s engaging classes help students think about avoiding substance abuse in new, personal ways. Without cliches or preaching, these classes give students the tools they need to analyze their own risk-taking behavior and say no to drugs.

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Todd’s lab partner, Stacia, begins bullying his other lab partner, Byron. Todd usually likes to steer clear of bullying but learns he must stand up for Byron to help end Stacia’s attacks.

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Bullying Prevention Classes

Bullying isn’t a rite of passage. It can have lasting emotional, physical, and psychological consequences. CLIMB’s anti-bullying classes are down-to-earth, engaging, and practical–and help high school students know what to do when they see it happening.

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What If? Classes

High school students are confronted with difficult social challenges every day. CLIMB’s What If? classes create a safe, creative space where high school students have the chance to explore their own questions and test their own solutions.

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