Talking to Students about Peer Pressure

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Photo courtesy Flikr user USAGJ One of the most important life skills students need is the ability to resist peer pressure and to make choices grounded in their own desires and values.  This is important in everything from substance abuse prevention to bullying prevention.  In our classes, CLIMB teaches students 4 Refusal Steps. Use a role­playing exercise like the one below to practice these …

Northview Elementary Student Is Touched by CLIMB’s Anti-Bullying Play

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We had the chance to sit down with Becky Hanson, Assistant Administrator of Northview Elementary, about her school’s experience with CLIMB’s anti-bullying play, The Actors’ Union Club.  Becky talked about cyberbullying and social media related bullying, and shared a wonderful story about how one of her students was greatly impacted by CLIMB’s work.

5 Effective Bullying Prevention Steps for Schools

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Photo credit Flickr user Twentyfour Students As more research is conducted on bullying and bullying prevention programs, it becomes abundantly clear that bullying is a multi-faceted problem that requires an equally multi-faceted solution. In fact, did you know…? 1 out of every 4 students (22%) reported being bullied during the school year. The top reasons given for bullying: Looks (55%), …