What They’re Saying

CLIMB receives thank you letters every single day from schools and partners. Here’s just a small sampling of the feedback we’ve received this year.

My students were engaged the entire time during Jays Away. They understood the difference between tattling and reporting and to stand up for themselves and others.
-Cheryl Nelson Lombardi, 3rd grade teacher

This morning we had a performance from CLIMB about self-control. The topic is very appropriate for our younger students. We will be using “Stop, 2, 3…Breathe, 2, 3…use my self control” when we need a student to show some self-control.
-Karen Decker, Kindergarten teacher

CLIMB’s bullying prevention shows were very age-appropriate and had humor, yet the serious message was never lost. I have worked in elementary schools for 32 years and these plays were smart and effective.
-Rebecca Hanson, Gifted Resource

Awesome job during the performance! The kids stayed engaged and really enjoyed it. “Stop, think, what could happen?, is that what you want?” is now “trending” at our school.
-Casey Helke, 4th grade teacher

I sat in on a CLIMB presentation at our high school today–the CLIMB staff did an exceptional job. I was impressed with their classroom management skills. Thank you for your good work!
-Cindy Czarnik-Neimeyer, mental health liasion

Our students were able to watch an excellent show today about bullying. We enjoyed the show very much and thought it was age appropriate, ‘current’ with kids, and had a great message.
-Sarah Vice, teacher

Great job! When you can get kindergartners to pay attention, you know you’re doing something right!
-Keira Lobner, secretary

Emma and the Cash Cow was highly entertaining. The kids could really relate to Emma’s money struggles. I appreciated how the show talked about money/economics concepts that we learn throughout the year.
-Lisa Fest, 4th grade teacher

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